When I make a big mistake, when I fall flat on my face, I know I’ll be alright. Should my tender heart be broken, I will cry those tear drops knowing I will be just fine, ‘cause nothing changes who I am.
Jessica Andrews 

Fuck you if you love a car for its paint job; love you if you love a car for the road trips. Show me the miles on your arms and the pink scar, where the doctor had to pull out all the bone chips. ‘Cause you were pressing on the gas just a bit hard, right in the moment when the road curved a bit sharp. And when you woke up somebody was un-clipping your seat belt and pulling you from the open window of your flipped car….

Show me someone who says they got no baggage. I’ll show you somebody who’s got no story. Nothing gory means no glory, but, baby, please don’t bore me. We won’t know until we get there: the who? Or the what? Or the when? Where? My favourite sweater was a present that I got a couple presidents ago, when I promised that I’ll rock it ‘till it’s thread bare. Bet on it. Every single person’s got a couple skeletons. So pretty soon in this room it’ll just be me and you, when we clear out all the elephants, me and you and the elements. We all have our pit falls. Beer’s flat, the cabs have been called. And everybody and their mama can hear the drama that’s happening behind these thin walls.

George Watsky - honestly a genius 
I don’t care where you’ve been, how many miles, I still love you
George Watsky
Saying, ‘This is it, I’ve had enough’ ‘cause, like, we hadn’t seen each other in a month when you said you needed space. What? Then you come around again and say, ‘Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change. Trust me.’ Remember how that lasted for a day? I say, ‘I hate you.’ We break up. You call me. I love you.
We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
I wanted to walk through the empty streets
and feel something constant under my feet,
but all the news reports recommended that I stay indoors.
Because the air outside will make
our cells divide at an alarming rate
until our shells simply cannot hold all our insides in,
and that’s when we’ll explode.
And it won’t be a pretty sight.
And we’ll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go.

We Will Become Silhouettes - The Postal Service
there now, steady love, so few come and don’t go
will you, won’t you be the one i always know?
when i’m losing my control, the city spins around
you’re the only one who knows, you slow it down

— look after you - the fray


i’ve seen more spine in jellyfish. 
i’ve seen more guts in eleven year old kids.
have another drink and drive yourself home,
i hope there’s ice on all the roads.
and you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt,
and again when your head flies through the windshield.  

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Just say what you wanted to say. I cannot stand these talks, dear, they only get us nowhere. It’s never resolved, we only run around.
Falling Out Of Love At This Volume - Bright Eyes 
You hold the rights I’ll never own and I’ve never felt so alien. Don’t tear us apart again. What is the use of it? We’re okay, it’s nothing.
Chemistry of a Car Crash - Shiny Toy Guns
Living just to keep going, going just to be sane,
All the while I know it’s such a shame.
I don’t need to get steady, I know just how I feel.
Telling you to be ready, my dear.

Tighten Up - The Black Keys
Is that what you call tact?
You’re as subtle as a brick in the small of my back.

— Brand New
I wanna be forgotten and I don’t wanna be reminded. You say, ‘Please don’t make this harder.’ No, I won’t yet.
What Ever Happened? - The Strokes
You desired my attention but denied my affections, my affections.
— Mumford & Sons

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